High Treason

3MS Music are delighted to announce the release of ‘Silver Bullets’ from High Treason on 19 April 2019 on CD and Vinyl formats [Cat No 3MS020CD/LP]. This album is a true return to form from a band held dear by many of the rock world’s cognoscenti and boasts ten hard-hitting and brand new songs.

The band said, “High Treason is formed from musicians with a history of playing many different styles, so the song is the key: when everything comes together musically we don’t hide it away if it takes an unexpected turn: that song could be the one that turns somebody’s world. This album is very much what you hear is what you get live, no auto tuned vocals and instruments are played with feeling, not created to fill a gap. The songs are the proof, from the opening song to our last song on ‘Silver Bullets.”

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